Pro Services

Public Relations Officer Services (hereafter - PRO services) in Dubai require professional expertise who can successfully manage the whole cycle of procedures and formalities.

To set up a business in UAE, investors need to get approvals from department of economic development, Dubai Chamber, Ministry of Human Resources, UAE embassy, Dubai courts, Dubai immigration & naturalization department, Roads and transport authority, general department for residency and foreigner’s affairs.

Bybloserve Dubai setup gets your business documents cleared swiftly and assist you in drafting employment contracts. PRO Services in Dubai play a vital role when you want passport clearance, business licenses, immigration, trademarks, copyrights, and certification. The PRO services of

Bybloserve Dubai UAE ensure that clients are given maximum support for their smooth stay and business in the UAE. As years of experience in this field, we work closely with the high officials of Dubai government and ministries.


  • Approval of Trade name
  • Approvals from government agencies
  • Court Agreement letter / Notary
  • Civil defence paperwork
  • Typing LLC contract (Arabic and English)
  • Embassy paperwork
  • Municipality paperwork
  • Labour department paperwork
  • Economic department paperwork
  • Immigration department paperwork
  • Certificate attestation
  • Legal translation
  • UAE business license services
  • Contract clearance
  • Services for visa processing
  • Visa amendment
  • Labour card and immigration card renewal
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